Keynote Speakers

Chris Brogan, Keynote Speaker


Chris Brogan has nearly two decades experience as an industry leader in helping people in companies large and small be more effective at a distance. Now that sales and leadership and marketing are often conducted online almost as much or more than in-person meetings, a strong digital presence is no longer optional.

Goldie Chan, Keynote Speaker


Goldie Chan is a global speaker, strategist and writer. She's known as the "Oprah of LinkedIn" by Huffington Post and her video channel won LinkedIn Top Voice. Goldie founded Warm Robots, a social media strategy agency based in Los Angeles with global clients, like Adobe. She writes for Forbes on “Personal Branding and Storytelling in the Digital Age” where her articles on personal branding are consistently page 1 ranked and used in educational institutions and business development. She is a proud member of the Producer’s Guild of America, New Media Council, Stanford University graduate and has been featured as a fresh voice in CNN, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company and more.

A Great Digital Presence is No Longer Optional

9:00 am EST, Live Streamed

The current massive disconnect between how companies work in person versus how they represent themselves online is a problem that impacts the bottom line of organizations, no matter if they're B2B or B2C, large or small. As the world shifts to contactless and online selling, the whole ""let's get on the phone"" isn't going to cut it, nor are endless Zoom calls (which is just a phone call you had to get dressed to make.)

Join digital presence expert Chris Brogan for an exploration of the new marketplace. We'll cover what people want, how they want to get it, and where invest your scarce resources to deliver a personable, relationship-minded sales and marketing experience that earns you the right to sell and serve. Expect a mix of high-level vision as well as mid-level logistics, with a smattering of ground-level tactics to get this implemented.

Personal Branding: Building An Unshakeable Brand in 2020

6:15 pm, Live Streamed

Learn the basics of building a personal brand for anyone who is a current or future leader at work. This session is perfect for everyone from the small business owner to a seasoned executive with multiple branches of ownership.

Grow your personal brand with key points from Forbes contributor and LinkedIn Top Voice, Goldie Chan:

 - Why should you build a personal brand as a leader?

 - What are the five Cs to leadership branding?

 - Four clear ways to think about building a brand.

 - The on-the-ground tactics to put into place to take action immediately.

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